Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day of Food

We are almost to Thanksgiving already, and naturally, I am thinking about the food I will be making for myself. I was informed that my mother-in-law is making the corn with no butter in it and setting aside a baked potato just for me. Awww...how sweet! But still, I am going to make my favorite vegan green bean casserole. I am also going to make my favorite pumpkin "cheesecake." I just finished off a batch of pumpkin oatmeal cookies. I think I might turn orange, like Garrett did when he was a baby and loved to eat squash and sweet potatoes.

I also ran across a recipe that I MUST try. Caramel Apple Pie. Oh, yeah. It's real. It's vegan. It's fattening. It looks easy. I think I will bring that to a family get-together I am attending this weekend. Along with more green bean casserole, of course. And a lovely fruit salad, because I can't live without fruit.

Sometimes it's hard to feel thankful for all that we have. Sometimes the terrible things stand out more than other times. Here's to pushing the nastiness aside and enjoying each other. And enjoying great food, as well.

I'll share some recipes later.

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