Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lemon-Lime Detox Smoothie

Who needs detoxing? Probably everyone. I know for sure I do. I have been consuming sugar in unbelievable amounts while I sit around, aching all over, depressed, fat, and miserable. It's a vicious cycle and I must stop it now. For real this time.

This recipe is my first attempt at a green smoothie. I have always been afraid that my blender will suck and not mix the greens enough and I will end up chewing my smoothie. I am going to ask for a new blender for my birthday/Mother's Day (same day).

I had the lemons and limes already because I have been slicing them up and putting them in my water bottle at work everyday. It really helps me get the water I need each day, and it's addicting and delicious. It always elicits comments from my students, and there is one student that will get to eat a slice of lemon from my bottle if he gets his work done first.

Tip: Do not cut yourself while cutting up a lemon. Yow!

I decided to put the ingredients in a glass jar and use my immersion blender, thinking it would do a better job at chomping up the spinach. It did pretty good, but you can still see some small pieces in there. No can't taste the spinach at all. Seriously.

How does it taste? SOUR! But super-duper delicious and lemony-lime refreshing. I am so gonna make this one again. I feel inspired to get rid of all the processed sugar - again. I can do it. I can be well.

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