Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day Two

I survived day one. During the late afternoon I was starting to feel dizzy and then I got a headache. My thoughts were kind of jumbled (more so than usual). I was tired, but that could be the lack of caffeine (I am drinking mostly decaf). Last night I was really craving bread, but I made it through. I made these little treats called "Rich Carob Balls" that were really good. They were made with tahini, carob powder, sunflower seeds, raisins, chopped cashews and a bit of honey (I know, not exactly vegan!). I rolled them into a ball and put them in the freezer and took one out once in a while. They were yummy, and they kind of had a chocolate/peanut butter flavor to them that was satisfying for a sweet tooth. But I do like cocoa powder better.

One thing I noticed is that I didn't really eat any meals, I just kind of ate a bit here and there throughout the day when I felt hungry. I had a Chilly Chai smoothie and the Popeye Goes to India salad for lunch. I ate some broccoli dipped in Annie's Natural Goddess dressing for a snack. I marinated mushrooms in olive oil, tamari sauce, garlic powder and onion powder all day and ate some when I got back from my meeting last night.

One other thing I noticed is that everything I ate was just bursting with flavor. Maybe because I was hungry, or maybe my palate wasn't deadened with junk, but everything tasted so, so good. The fruit I ate was so sweet, sweeter than any cookies or cupcakes, and left me feeling light and healthy.

I think I can do this for a couple more days, but not forever. I really think it's going to help me get off processed sugar. Today I am going to make some almond meal crackers in the dehydrator. I bought a bag of almond meal for really cheap but never knew what to do with it until I found this recipe. I hope it's good!

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