Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Raw Food Detox - Day One

Any vegan will tell you that the word vegan is NOT synonymous with the word healthy. There are tons of junk food options for me, unfortunately. I am addicted to sugar in its many forms, and I love to bake my own cookies, cupcakes and muffins. I also enjoy french fries and potato chips and popcorn I make in oil. Believe it or not, there are days when I find myself not getting the amount of fruits and veggies that I should be getting. Right now I feel fat, and I hate it. I have decided to detox the nasties out of my system by going completely raw for three days.

Eating raw, or live, food is so good for your body. It makes for a good detox because it is so easy for your body to digest, it can work on getting rid of the other toxins in your body that it usually doesn't have the energy for. Eating living foods gives people more energy. I know I feel a sort of energetic rush when I eat raw fruits and veggies. I love that feeling.

So this is day one of my trial. I am hoping to jump-start some weight loss, have more energy, and mostly, decrease my cravings for junk. Last night I bought a shitload of ripe bananas at the grocery store for half price. They were in the dehydrator all night. Grace is eating them like they are cookies, and they are so sweet and chewy and delicious. I have cookbooks ready, plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.

So far I have had a banana, some of the dehydrated bananas, a nectarine and my coffee. No, coffee is not raw, and neither is the stuff I put in it. There's no raw food police here. I can do it however I want!

I think this could be fun!

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