Monday, February 15, 2010

Hippie Loaf

Sometimes you just need to eat food in a loaf shape.

I made this Hippie Loaf for Christmas...and I didn't really like it. I thought there was waaay too much Italian seasoning. Other than that, I liked the taste of the black beans, mushrooms, and quinoa all mashed together. Last night I tried it again, with no Italian seasoning at all, and it was delicious. Especially with ketchup, although I am assuming it would be wonderful with gravy as well. It is also gluten free, which is great for some people. I used oat flour instead of the brown rice flour.

The picture is the loaf before I put it in the oven. It is so yummy, and so nutritious. Chopped up onions, mushrooms, garlic, carrot, quinoa, mashed up black beans, mmmmmmmmm...... I ate it with some broccoli and a baked sweet potato. Garrett was brave enough to try it again, and this time he liked it as well. Good, filling comfort food. There must be some sort of comfort in this icy-cold, snow-filled winter.

Leftovers tonight!

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