Saturday, February 20, 2010


Well, my smugness at not having caught that cold everyone had is over. I officially have it. But it's not that bad. A little sore throat, minor congestion, and I coughed a couple of times this morning. I can fight this. I am working on it right now with my kefir and orange juice breakfast...then a banana. I bought groceries last night and got plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. NO sugar for me today. I swear. Plenty of fluids and vitamin C is how I plan to get rid of this.

I have also been checking out some raw food recipes and planning on incorporating more of them into my diet. I bought a couple of coconuts, and if I can get them open, they can be an awesome part of several different nutritious recipes. I also came across this:

These are raw cinnamon buns from this great website. These look unbelievable...I might try them out in the near future. The only thing I am leery of when it comes to raw foods is the use of so many different nuts. While I love nuts and know they are incredibly nutritious, I am technically not supposed to have them around because of Grace's peanut allergy.

But still, I am going to fight this cold with diet, not tons of chemical cold medicine that is harmful to my body. I am going to use my immune system to take care of things the way it is supposed to, and I am going to help it along with delicious, nutritious whole foods.

Two things:

1. I am now craving those cinnamon buns.

2. Where the hell did my label cloud go?

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