Monday, May 24, 2010

New Shopping Adventures

I had a great weekend hanging out with family and friends and consuming some alcoholic beverages and laughing and crying and food...I had a few firsts this weekend. My very first visit to a Trader Joe's. It was excellent. So much fun! Such great prices! Why can't there be one near me? I bought things there that I usually buy elsewhere for much more money. Goddess Dressing for $1.99 a bottle!!! The next day we went to Whole Foods. The great thing about that place was not the low prices (although I did find a few things there priced lower than what I'm used to paying). I had to ask someone, but I was able to find the Daiya vegan cheese. They only had the cheddar variety, and it was $4.35 a bag, so I bought two. I also bought a frozen cheeseless pizza. Guess what I had for supper that night?


It was delicious! It melted and had texture eerily reminiscent of cheese. It tasted almost sweet, and not enough like actual cheddar to fool a real cheese lover, but still, a lot like cheddar! I should have bought more. I will have to make regular trips up there to stock up. I just know that this cheese will make an unbelievable, melty, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich.

Sometimes something is so outrageously priced for what it is that you just have to buy it so you can say, "You'll never believe what this cost!" I bought a vegan S'more that was almost four dollars. It was very rich, and after I ate it, I felt a little bit sick to my stomach. It was yummy, but I should have just stopped after a few bites. Hard to imaging the marshmallow part was vegan, as it was just like any marshmallow I remember. Meh. I can live without marshmallows. But here's me eating my overpriced treat on the way home.

I am feeling recharged after my weekend getaway. I have some fresh basil in the refrigerator, and I am going to make an artichoke pesto pasta salad for lunch. I have some new raw recipes I am eager to try, and some foods from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods that I am excited to eat.

Off topic, but I have searched high and low and redone everything over and over and cannot retrieve my label cloud. UGHHHHH!!!

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