Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BBQ Love

Well, Veganomicon, you have done well for the second time. Tonight I planned ahead a little and made the BBQ Baked Tofu for supper, along with a baked sweet potato and some garlicky kale. The sauce had to simmer for some time, and I was also making barbecued chicken for the omnis, so I was a busy girl in the kitchen tonight.

It was easy to make, despite having to simmer and needing time for pressing the tofu. It was chewy. The sauce was unfreakingbelievable. Seriously. The tastiest barbecue sauce I have ever eaten. I did not add as much crushed red pepper as called for, or as much liquid smoke, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. The only problem was that it made about three times as much as I needed for one pound of tofu. I didn't want to stop eating this tofu! But I did...and I even have some leftover for tomorrow.

My little brother was over for supper (age 9). Garrett was eating his kale and telling him how great it was, so he tried some, and he actually liked it. Woo-hoo!

Now I have to do all those dishes...

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  1. Hi Jade,
    I've been looking at this recipe for a while. Yours look delicious and your write up has tempted me to go for it. I am not a vegan, but a vegetarian, however I do cook and eat a lot of vegan recipes, especially as a main dish.