Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mushroom Soup

Garrett is quick to point out to me when something I make looks like a pile of vomit. I am then quick to tell him that some of the greatest meals I make look like vomit. Especially Indian curry dishes. That does not mean they are not delicious.

Case in point - this photo of the Porcini Wild Rice Soup from Veganomicon. I absolutely love mushrooms, so this soup looked like a winner to me. I used a small package of dried porcini mushrooms, as well as plain old white button mushrooms. The soup had a very deep, earthy flavor. The only complaint I have is that I kept having to add water, which meant I had to adjust the spices as well. Other than that, super yummy! Very filling and warm to the body, which is great when you live in Minnesota and the temperature hovers around ZERO degrees for several days.

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