Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kale and Cabbage Slaw

Oh, so pretty!

I bought the kale at my favorite Amish farm that I always go to. They know me by name, they know what I like, and they go pick it right out of their (chemical free) garden and hand it to me for such a small amount of money that I almost feel guilty.

The recipe came from Ani Phyo, and it was very simple and full of flavor. The Greek dressing was just some apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, and thyme. After I mixed it up and ate a big bowl, I found a green inchworm on my kitchen counter.

"Oh, cute!" I said. "He must have been living in the kale!"

He instantly became Grace's new pet. We put him in a container with some grass. I gave him another leaf of kale to eat, and we discovered an even smaller inchworm on that piece. Two new friends! Grace was in heaven!


Yesterday I went to eat another big bowl of this slaw and, of course, there was a dead inchworm in there. Maybe more. I don't know. I had washed the kale first (well, ran water over it quickly), but not carefully enough. The whole salad had to go. Inchworms are not vegan.

The poor little thing must have drowned in my Greek dressing.

The other two died eventually. I don't know how to keep inchworms alive.

I wonder if I ate any the first time I had the salad...

I have more kale, and I am not throwing it out. I am going to very thoroughly wash it before eating it. Maybe Grace will find a new friend or two.

But I will make the salad again. In fact, I am really into trying my own homemade dressings lately. How simple, delicious, and cheap! And better tasting than anything that comes in a bottle at the store.


  1. I find little wormies in my lettuce too. I get mine from Whole Foods and I always rinse and soak them in vinegar before I eat it. While rinsing I occasionally find them. I always take them out to my garden and leave them on my beet leaves.
    I like finding things like this, makes me feel happy to know my food wasn't sprayed with pesticides.

  2. Me too! I would rather have bugs and spots on food and know that it's free of all those nasties.

  3. I often find a little caterpillar snug in the curly leaf of the kale. Ah its organic.

    I' would never had thought of combining kale in a coleslaw, now I am interested to try it. Thanks for introducing it to me.